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24Hour Lipstick by Terra Mia

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Water-Resistant. It won't smear off when you eat, drink, dress, or kiss! NET WT. 7 g (0.25 oz.) With purchase of this product use Code 7431 for one Irresistible Matte Lipstick for only $10.00

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You'll love it! The modern woman, with her active, energetic life and pressing necessity to always look her best, cannot be bothered with lipstick that needs continual retouching. Nor can she be embarrassed by lipstick that leaves tell-tale stains on everything her lips touch. Put it on in the morning or evening and forget about it! He'll love you more because it won't smear off when you kiss!


Who its for:
All modern women that want to look great all day long until morning and beyond.

How to use it:
Trace your lips with our Stay-Put Ultimate Lip Liner that complements your color. Apply 24Hour Lipstick color and let set. Then brush over with the clear and colorless lipstick protective.

Features and Benefits:

Gluten Free



Highly Pigmented

Base Color:

Dimethicone: Protects the skin against moisture loss.

Trihydroxystearin: Emollient. Skin Conditioning

Top Coat:

Polydecene: Emollient. Skin Conditioning.

Squalane: Occurs widely in nature in plants. It easily absorbs oxygen and facilitates delivery of oxygen throughout the body to cellular tissues. Antioxidant.

Vitamin E: An antioxidant that protects the cells from free radicals. Moisturizing.


24Hour Lipstick by Terra Mia
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