Terra Mia Cosmetics


Your skin protects you all the time,
how did you take care of it today?


We encourage you to try the following products, just to start:





For a flawless, youthful, smooth complexion, use AMAZE, our anti-aging foundation with NutriLayer™.

This weightless formula provides full coverage (without looking pasty) and all-day long hydration while protecting the skin against ultraviolet solar rays.

Peptides help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting the natural production of collagen. Green and white teas reduce inflammation, build collagen, and reduce cell damage by impeding the harmful effects of sun exposure, and Soft Focus Powders provide a flawless finish to the skin and absorb oil. It is an all-day wear formula free of parabens, gluten, and fragrance.





If you prefer an oil free foundation you will love RADIANCE. This medium coverage foundation offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB SFP15.

Provides all-day wear, all-day hydration, and controls oil giving a nice matte finish.









Do you want to cover a tattoo, scars, blemishes, birthmarks or perhaps varicose veins? Look no further. Our amazing MY SECRET WEAPON COVERAGE is a highly-pigmented, smooth, buildable formula that provides full coverage and is for all skin types.


Want to avoid smudged raccoon eyes? After trying our eyeliners you will not want any other!
Once you put them on, you can get them wet, or even rub the eyelid, and it won’t smudge or fade.



Our amazing liquid 24 Hour waterproof eyeliner formula DARE TO TRY³ has three great features: infused with vitamins to condition your lashes, highly-pigmented and long-lasting and comes in 7 versatile colors.





If you prefer a pencil, use STAY-ON ULTIMATE EYELINER PENCIL. Enriched with vitamins and emollients to moisture your skin, this formula is highly pigmented, resistant to water, heat, and humidity, ensuring up to 12 hours of smudge-less wear and comes in 9 colors.



Or perhaps you love gel eyeliners? Then try Terra Mia indelible gel eyeliners PERPETUAL and indelible crème hues EVERLASTING (yes, you can use these eyeshadows as eyeliners and vice versa). These hypoallergenic, paraben free and waterproof formulas do not run, and you can work, exercise, dance, or do any activity, you will always look radiant!





For Contouring and Highlighting you only need these two Terra Mia products:




Our ALL-IN-ONE IMPERFECTIONS CORRECTOR SET #500 an everyday essential super duty flaw fixer. This creamy corrector’s palette fix imperfections by neutralizing certain colors in the skin instead of concealing them, and to highlight. They are Paraben, Gluten and Fragrance Free and contains Vitamin E.





Our Versatile Foundation #528 a heavy duty, highly pigmented, multitasking concealer and contouring can be use dry if you are more comfortable with powder or wet.







You’ll love 24 HOUR LIPSTICK by Terra Mia in 7 fantastic colors! The modern woman, with her active, energetic life and pressing necessity to always look her best, cannot be bothered with lipstick that needs continual retouching. Nor can she be embarrassed by lipstick that leaves tell-tale stains on everything her lips touch. This amazing lipstick is not only gluten free, water-resistant, long wearing, and highly pigmented but it contains emollients for skin conditioning and Vitamin E for moisturizing. Put it in the morning or evening and forget about it! And he’ll love you more because it won’t smear-off when you kiss him!


These are just a few of our amazing products. Enjoy!